Curriculum Vitae


Ph.D. in Applied and Computational Mathematics,
California Institute of Technology, June 2007

Diplom in Physik (Master of Science in Physics),
Technische Universität München, December 2002, mit Auszeichnung (with honors)

European Erasmus exchange program,
Université Paris 6, Pierre et Marie Curie, September 2000–March 2001


Research Experience

since October 2011
Lecturer at Durham University

April 2012–March 2013
Temporary professorship at TU Munich (on leave from Durham)

April 2009–September 2011
Postdoc in Stefan Müller’s research group
Member of the DFG Research Group “Analysis and Stochastics in Complex
Physical Systems”
Principal Investigator in the DFG Research Group “Microplast”

October 2010July 2011
Acting Chair of Applied Mathematics at the University of Heidelberg
(on leave from the University of Bonn)

September 2007–March 2009
Postdoc at the Max-Planck-Institute for Mathematics in the Sciences
in the research project “Multiscale Modeling of Subgrain Dislocation Structures in Metals.”
Starting February 2009, Member of the DFG Research Group “Analysis and Stochastics in Complex
Physical Systems”

October 2003–August 2007 at Caltech
Research Assistant / Postdoc with Kaushik Bhattacharya
Ph.D. thesis work: Structure and evolution of martensitic phase boundaries

January 2002–August 2002 and
February 2003–October 2003 at Caltech
Visiting Graduate Student with Kaushik Bhattacharya and Johannes Zimmer
Master of Science thesis work: Modeling and analysis of non-diffusive structural phase transitions
in crystals

April 2000 at ETH Zürich
Internship with Martin Suter
Accelerator mass spectrometry

1999–2000 at TU München
Part time internship with Gunter Korschinek
Accelerator mass spectrometry

Teaching Experience and Outreach

Numerical Analysis, Durham Unviersity, 2013/14
Supervision of five Final Year Projects, Durham University, 2013/14

Functional Analysis, TU-München, Winter Term 2013
Selected Topics in Analysis (Student Seminar), TU-München, Winter Term 2013
Supervision of six Bachelor Theses, TU-München, Winter Term 2013

Mathematische Behandlung der Natur- und Wirtschaftswissenschaften II, TU-München, Summer Term, 2012
Percolation Theory (Student Seminar), TU-München, Summer Term 2012

Partial Differential Equations, Durham University, 2011/12

Nonlinear Functional Analysis, University of Heidelberg, Summer Term 2011
Gamma-Convergence (Student Seminar), University of Heidelberg, Summer Term 2011

Functional Analysis, University of Heidelberg, Winter Term 2010/2011
One-Dimensional Calculus of Variations (Student Seminar), University of Heidelberg, Winter Term 2010/2011

Head TA, PDEs and Modeling, Bonn University, 2010

Head TA, PDEs and Functional Analysis, Bonn University, 2009

Project ‘Mathematics in the Engineering of a Modern Automobile’ together with BMW at the
‘Summer of Science’ exhibition in Leipzig, Germany

Teaching Assistant, Micromechanics, Caltech, 2006

Teaching Assistant, Methods of Applied Mathematics, Caltech, 2005

Teaching Assistant, Linear Algebra, Caltech, Winter 2004

Teaching Assistant, Real Analysis, Caltech, Fall 2004


AAM Founder Prize and Grant, American Academy of Mechanics, 2006/2007

Engineering and Applied Science Division Fellowship, Caltech, 2003/2004

Special Institute Fellowship, Caltech, 2003/2004